Letter # 1 - This first letter is from Jan Rubinghís older sister Marchien, who at this writing is not yet married. Jan Rubingh married his first wife Jaantje the same year he emigrated (1869) and apparently made profession of faith as well. Quite a year for him!

Wildervank, February 3, 1870

Dear Brother,

By Godís blessing we are well and hope that you have the same privilege; that is my heartfelt wish. Dear brother, we have learned from a letter that you made profession of faith, which fills me with joy. Oh, may the Lord take our hand and note that we have become partakers at his table. Dear brother, would you constantly pray for our Mother, because an absence is not easy. If you were with us, Iíd have something to tell you. I am engaged to Detmer Dekker and when he gets a ship we plan to marry in the spring. Last week he made profession of faith, and this evening February 3, it will be done publicly because some are soon departing.

Now dear brother, may the Lord show us his goodness and make us able to help our mother in this time. I have said that I promise to pay the interest money to Mother. That didnít shock him and thatís why I said he didnít have to go after me for my money - to marry me. Now dear brother, write and tell me how that seems to you. Oh, I wish I could see you once again. Now dear brother, a thousand greetings from me, your loving sister Marchien Rubingh and also greetings from D. Dekker