Letter # 10 - Janís sister Marchien has married Detmer Dekker and they have their first child Elziena.

Wildervank, June 23, 1871

Dearly Loved Son and Daughter,

Through the unmerited goodness of the Lord, we received your letter of April and May 3 in good health. But how sad was the news that we had to learn, dear son, that you were recently very sick. You can imagine, dear ones, how painful this is for us and also at such a great distance, but what can we say, dear ones; the Lord answers not with his deeds, but decides according to his sovereign designs. May the Lord give us the grace to bear patiently that which he sends to us. Dear daughter, it comforts us that you and the little child are healthy. May the Lord give you patience and strength in your circumstances. If you are lonesome, may the Lord by his presence also fulfill you in your loneliness. May the Lord soon grant complete health so that you may be support and strength for each other.

Dear one, you must pay attention to your body in the cold weather and not catch a cold. We for our part must use the means available. Many people died this winter from pox, which reigns in Holland, but only a few in the Wildervank. Kier Bos had it but is better again, but his wife suddenly died last week. Yes, dear one, we experience that the strongest may fall, and the Psalmist says, Alas, the best of our days are in pain, and often give occasion for complaining. May the Lord clear away the darkness and use these afflictions to sanctify our hearts.

I had written you earlier that our Marchien on Tuesday April 25 gave birth to a daughter named Elziena and she was by the Lordís blessing healthy during the entire time. Although Detmer was home he had just gone to Amsterdam with his ship and had to go quickly and said that when he arrived in Amsterdam he would write to you at once. But because of his many tasks he did not get to it. Then they went with the ship to Groningen to load ______ Our Marchien went on board with the little one on Tuesday May 23. They had to go to France and arrived at their destination on Pentecost. I think they will write you. Dominee also sent you a letter at that time and I suppose he related many things.

Oh, dear ones, I had such a desire to see each other face to face yet in this life, but at this moment I must say I should not dwell on my powerless situation, but just go to the Lord who can take care of all our needs of souls and body according to Christís will, and if it does not happen here, we donít know, but it can someday occur when separation will not take place anymore. Dear ones, I was so moved by the words of Dominee in the morning service on Sunday from Mark 5 verse 36, ďDo not be afraid; just believe.Ē Yes, dear ones, if only we were more conscious that in the Lord Jesus all treasures are hidden, bodily and spiritual, in his purposes, even death itself.

Dear ones, I hope that the Lord will grant that you may receive this letter in complete health. Now, having wished you Godís precious blessing for body and soul, I am your loving mother Mettje Jans Boer

You must also have the greetings of uncle R vandeborg and Aunt Kannechie. I havenít been by others much. Now I cordially request that if you can you write us back as soon as possible. You must not pay attention to my poor handwriting. Hearty greetings once again in the hope of full recovery,

Your loving mother, M. J. Boer