Letter # 13 - Sister Griet is married to Hendrik Joosten, and they operate a barge. Sister Heigiena appends a note and signs Rubing without the -h at the end.


No date, probably early 1872

Dearly Loved Brother and Sister,

These letters mean to let you know that through the mercy and patience of the Lord we find ourselves in a state of good health, which we gathered from your letter is also true of you, which we were pleased to hear. Even though the distance between us is so great, the privileges which we enjoy, above so many in our times and situation who are torn away by death, should make us note and acknowledge these benefits with a very thankful heart, that the Lord has led and spared us up till now in his longsuffering.

Our Mother in these last days has been quite sick, but the Lord blessed the means used, and has up till now spared and restored her. May she speedily completely recover her lost strength.

I am at home right now. This morning I received news from Hendrik that he has gone to Gouda with …….. We spent the entire winter in Rotterdam. We brought a load there at the end of October. We were there about sixty days with only potatoes and five guilders a day. That wasn’t much and also it was in the winter and we had to ……… and I also so that we found it very lonely and irksome, because we had no familiar neighbors. It doesn’t seem good to handle the interior freight…….but we so often wish we could see into the future. May we just leave that to the Lord, for the Lord holds everything in his hand.

Our little Mettje can say her name very well. Our Albert is a big chubby boy. Oh, may the Lord become their ruler early on, so that at this early age they may learn to know their maker and we may all grow in grace and knowledge both in beginning and continuing. Further, we wish you the Lord’s blessing for souls and body and desire that the Lord may mutually be our Leader and Guide in all our ways, and that everything may conclude to his honor and pleasure. Eternal souls, the greetings from Hendrik. Greetings again from your loving brother and sister, H. Joosten - G. Rubingh, hoping that you receive these letters in good health. Greet your family.


Dearly Loved Brother and Sister,

I don’t have much time to write, but nevertheless by this means I’m letting you know that I am still healthy. And I hope the same for you.

So be once more heartily greeted by your loving sister,

H. Rubing