Letter # 14 - Last page is missing. This letter from Janís mother recounts the passing of my great-great grandfather Heije Beerents Rubing, who was born in July of 1786. When I researched my ancestry in the birth registry in Veendam, I saw Heijeís son (my great-grandfather) Geuchienís actual birth registration. Heije was 28 years old in 1814, and it reads in my English translation: ďHe declares that on Tuesday, December 13, of this year at one oíclock in the morning in the house number 487 on Westerdiep there was born a child of the male gender who shall be named Geuchyn Hayes Rubingh, of whom the mother is Marchijn Boeles and the father the aforementioned.Ē Signed: Haye Beerents Rubing

Note that he did not use the final -h, but he did give it to his son. Incidentally, he outlived his son Geuchien by eight years.


Wildervank, August 31, 1872

Dearly Loved Son and Daughter,

Through the undeserved goodness of the Lord we received your letter of June 2 in good health, and with joy noted that you were all well. Dear ones, I could have written you earlier, but I just couldnít get started. Dominee said he wanted to write as well, but his hands were very uncomfortable with writing, since he was ill earlier, and now he has been traveling, and I havenít talked to him again recently. We had sent you a letter just a bit before yours came and we included a portrait of our Heigiena. We didnít know if it had arrived safely because you are now at another place.

I must also tell you, dear ones, that grandfather Heije B. Rubing passed away in June. At this moment I canít recall the date. We had sent you a letter just before that. He did not have any serious illness but from time to time his strength gradually decreased. He was nearly 86 years old and right up to the end one could not notice that his feelings (i.e. convictions, ER) had altered. May the Lord, dear ones, grant us all to be preserved in such a faith.

I had already written you before that his house was sold for 5 hundred guilders and that the corner garden on the side of the house went for a hundred and twenty guilders and that he was boarding by Marchien Huisman. He had to pay her 3 Ĺ guilders a week. When his house was sold all his money got tied up in the estate. Uncle Hendrik Rubingh and Berend Rubing became his administrators. When his house was sold they took charge of the furniture and paid Marchien each week, which was good; otherwise he wouldnít have been in charge of that for very long either. They had not expected this either. He did have quite a bit of money. If he had boarded with someone else he could have paid decent board and he would have kept much of his money. But in the beginning he contracted rather than rented. Then there were the expenses of the sale and the Doctor needed something as well.

Now you may well be thinking, dear ones, that there wonít be any inheritance. Well, the remainder is not yet decided, because Derk Huisman is not home and our Marchien either, and even if it is so small, they do have to be present for a complete resolution. Grandfather P. Bos has not yet been asked to attend. Now that they are the executors they can handle the matter. But I am unable to know everything, and it all is Ö.. I think that in the end he will have to be involved. You can figure out that there wonít be much of anything. Dear ones, I refer to the inheritance. If the Lord wills and we find out, we will write you the outcome. Dear ones, it is good if we prepare to be disappointed, then it wonít come upon us so unexpectedly. Also that the Lord may defend us so that we seek that good which neither moth nor rust corrupts and no animal can dig through or steal, in order to be clothed with the clothing of salvation and be draped with the mantle of Christís righteousness, so that our entire life may be devoted to his service.

Dear ones, I canít often write you much that is pleasant, but still we must say that the Lord does not deal with us according to our sins. This year it is exceptionally fruitful here; I believe more than in several years. Sometimes it was very warm. I also thought of you often, how that it would be with you. It is here very fruitful, but it is Ö..