Letter # 16 - This letter, in terrible condition, likely dates from 1873. It is a joint effort of sisters Griet and Marchien, and Mother Mettje. Griet and husband Hendrik Joosten operate a barge, and Marchien and husband Detmer own a ship and live on it. Marchien and daughter Elziena have just come home for a bit.


Wildervank, 6 November, (1873?)

Dear Brother and Sister,

Here’s a little letter from me to give evidence of my health. We are glad to have received your letter….. to hear of your good situation, but sorry to note that your little Mettje was not well and we hope that the Lord may soon restore her. Our Margien and the little Elziena came home Monday and are both in good health. Elziena is a dear child. O dear Brother and Sister, how much we would like to see you and your ….. but I don’t know further details. They wrote last week that Geert Groen was married to a woman from Mijden, but I don’t know any news. Now dear ones, I am sending you my portrait, hoping that you may receive it in good health. If you have the chance, send us one of you.

Having wished you the Lord’s indispensable blessing, be heartily greeted from me, your loving sister, Grietje G. Rubingh

Our Mother is not yet on a portrait. She plans to have it done at a good opportunity…….and not more than one in one letter. Our Heichiena greets you, too, and once more greetings from me, G G Rubingh

Dear Brother and Sister, also a little letter from me to give evidence of my health, and our heartfelt wish is that you may be enjoying the same privilege. And dear ones, would you soon write us a note telling how it goes with you there because we hear daily and also read in the newspapers that there in your area is a terrible fire. Oh, may the Lord spare you. Our Mother longs to hear tidings, so may we soon have news that makes us glad……Dekker greeted and I hope soon to be underway with a cargo of goods for Danzig. So, dear Brother and Sister, having had some news from you, we hope now and then to send you a portrait. Our Griet was wanting to send you one, but Mother wants first….. I hope in a following letter to write more. We received your letter. Now dear ones, after having seriously wished blessings for you for both body and soul;, we are your loving Mother and Sisters and Uncle and Aunt, M. J. Boer

M. G. Rubingh

G. G. Rubingh

H. G. Rubingh

E. D. Dekker
Dear ones, if you can, please write back soon. Having once more wished for you the indispensable blessing of the Lord for soul and body, I am your loving Mother,

Mettje Jans Boer