Letter # 19 - This letter from Jan Rubingh’s mother consists of six fragments. Only the first one is surely in its place since it contains the salutation. The fragments are badly water-stained, but the handwriting is quite clear. Jan’s mother, Mettje Jans Boer Rubingh, is 61 years old as she writes this letter. Though the mood is somber amid life’s trials, her faith is clear and strong.

Wildervank, December 9, 1874

Dearly Loved son and Daughter,

We received your last letter from August in good condition. But now, dear ones, as I begin to write, and as I see that it is so long ago, it pains me that in all that time we have heard nothing about your welfare, all the more because you, dear ones, ……

….that here below everything is inconstant. This spring we were overjoyed; we hoped that we would see each other once again, and now in your most recent letter it seems more and more gloomy. May the Lord grant that it may go better there, because we know that if one can’t earn anything that it can’t happen…..

…..that people the world over realize. Dear ones, I have also thought that I would like to be there with you, but I wouldn’t be much good to you, because I myself am often so foolish, that I don’t always commit my way over to the Lord. Here there are many burdens….

…..and then the canal watchman opened the canal gates and then there came such a powerful stream that the ships were pulled loose and there was great damage caused. Now it must be docked in order to be repaired and then (hopefully-ER) it will go well with Detmer…..

…..but that is often done wrong and that brings stress as long as it’s not finished; dear ones, you can imagine. They have let the employees go, and they are now with 2 children on board, and one is with our Mettiena. They can’t simply come home. They first must wait and see how it works out. We must give you the greetings from her..

…..and give us the contentment to enjoy that trust, that in life and death we belong to Christ who so values us that without his will not a hair falls from our heads. In fact, all things must serve for our salvation. Now dear ones, I hope that if you have already sent a letter that you will write us as soon as you can so that we may know how it goes with you…..