Letter # 20 - This undated fragment from Jan Rubinghís mother, Mettje Jans Boer Rubingh, precedes 1879 when Janís daughter Betje was born, since there is reference only to Mietje or Mettje, who was born in 1871. Hence this letter likely dates from before1878. It might even be from 1874 or 1875, since it contains greetings from the minister and the school principal. Jan emigrated in 1869.

Ö..dear ones, then I think that if only I could talk to her face to face, but then the way often seems so dark. Formerly I thought that perhaps the way would open for me that I could come to her, but for me that is past.

Oh, dear ones, my longing is sometimes so strong to see you together, but, dear ones, the Lord reigns. When I see your handwriting on the paper then sometimes Iím right away happy. May the Lord give us both the ability to rest in his ways, because sometimes I find that that I really need that. May the Lord give us, dear ones, that we walk in his way. Such a walk is not easy, dear ones, because one falls back so often, but the Lord says, Trust in me. He will take care of it.

Concerning the church it could go better here. Itís not Domineeís preaching, but there is not such good attendance as when you were still here. During the week there is no meeting because almost no one comes.

Dear ones, Iíd better close. You must be greeted by Dominee and Meester (schoolmaster?) and family members too many to mention. I hope that the Lord may grant me energy and strength to write you again soon. Be so good as to overlook my poor penmanship. Letís remember one another often in prayer.

Kiss your dear little Mettje for us. Be so good as to write us soon if you can, because that is so pleasing to me. Now dear ones, may the Lord be for us both counselor and leader in all our ways and may we stay near to him.

Now that Iíve wished for you the indispensable blessing of the Lord for soul and body, I am your loving Mother, M. J. Boer

Dear ones, you are greeted this time by our Heigiena. She canít write this time - itís getting to be too late. Once more hearty greetings and write back soon. Your loving Mother, M J Boer