Letter # 22 - (undated). This short letter to Jan is from his two younger sisters Grietje and Heichiena. Grietje is two years younger than Jan (she was born in 1847), and Heichiena (or Heigiena) was born in 1849.


Dear Brother and Sister,

A little letter yet from (to say) that we all, through the unmerited goodness of the Lord, are doing well. We received your letter and noticed from it that you are well again and that led us to rejoice, but dear sister, it pains us that you were still sick. May the Lord heal and restore you quickly. Iíve also had to contend for some time with poor eyesight, which has been really bothersome in my work, but it is now somewhat better.

Last Friday we received a letter from our Detmer and Margiena, which also gave us joy because we were not without worry since the weather here was very stormy. Now dear Brother and Sister, I have no more news. I greet you heartily, your loving sister, Grietje G. Rubingh

I also greet you heartily. May the Lord grant that you both receive these letters once again in good health. Your loving sister, Heichiena Rubingh