Letter # 23 - The first sheet of this letter from mother Mettje has the bottom portion torn off. As usual, no periods or capital letters are employed. Sister Marchien and husband Detmer are at sea.

Wildervank, August 7, 1875

Dearly loved son and Daughter,

Through the unmerited goodness of the Lord we have received your July letter in good health, and from it comprehended with joy the return of your good health, although it gives us inward pain that you are still so weak and have had to make changes in your arrangements. Dear ones, may the Lord make these matters also to turn out for good. I think you should use something sour for your gallbladder, such as ground up genzieoen?? and ground up orange peel once per day with some water…..(seven lines missing)

….(Marchien and Detmer) had to go to Strekassel and then with coal to Rensburg. They were in good health and hoped that we would soon receive favorable news from you, and if we wrote to you we should above all send their greetings. For the rest I don’t know if the family is in good health.

I haven’t heard much about illness in this area at the moment. But at the same time this year many were unexpectedly snatched away. Remke de Jonge died last week and his sister Ika two weeks earlier and J. te Velde three weeks earlier. Yes, dear ones, death beckons every hour as we saw it in Westerman. Oh, that the Lord may give us all the freedom to rejoice in….(seven lines missing)

….to Groningen and was very busy at the moment. I must convey to you the greetings of him and his wife. He desires to write at the first opportunity a letter to Dominee de Beer and Brouwer and you. I must give you greetings from many friends and acquaintances that I meet but I can’t name them all. For the rest not much change has occurred here. Jans Rengers Brouwer died; perhaps I already wrote that, but they are having much quarreling. His wife is still living, and they say he left everything to Jake Schuuringa to manage at this own will. You can imagine what a disappointment and quarrel that is for many. One can see that in much money there is no peace and fulfillment to enjoy. May the Lord give us all to act and walk justly.

Does Westerman’s wife live near you? Are they all well? When you have the chance give them our greetings.

Now, dear ones, I hope that as you get this letter you are in complete health and strength. So as I have wished for you the Lord’s indispensable blessing for soul and body, I am your loving mother, Mettje Jans Boer

If you can you must write back soon. Also you must not mind my imperfect handwriting, sometimes done in haste. Again my heartfelt greeting, Mettje J Boer