Letter # 24


Wildervank, December 5, 1875

Dearly Loved son and Daughter,

Through the Lordís undeserved goodness we received your letter of October 8 in fairly good health and learned from it with joy that you are also all well. Dear ones, you have likely been looking for a letter, but please excuse me (for my tardiness -ER). It does not stem, dear ones, from forgetfulness, for my heart and inclination are so much toward you, as you imagine, but often I donít really look forward to writing very much. I often canít put things together very well and itís not getting any better. May the Lord give us all, each one, to obey His will. My wish so often is that you could all be here with us, or that we all could be with you, dear ones, but then I often think if only it didnít always just stay with a wish. The Lord says in His word, My ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts. We experience that each day.

Our Hendrik and Griet are not home yet. They were in Dordrecht for fourteen days. They were in good health and they have a profitable (venture?). We had to give you greetings if we wrote you. They want to write you at the earliest opportunity.

Detmer was home for a couple of days. He had a shipment of ? to take to London, but because the profit was so meager and because the winter came on so unexpectedly he came home again. It has really been freezing here for fourteen days already. It was very cold, but now shipping is suddenly possible and yesterday morning Detmer went on board. I had to above all give you his greeting. He didnít have much time right now to write. Our Marchien is home with her children now. You can imagine how busy she is now. When they are so little, she goes night and day. Elsien, the oldest, has been somewhat ill. She caught cold and had 4 ? , but now by Godís goodness is recovered and is going to school again. They are quite busy but even so the dear one can really jabber. I think so often if only your dear Mettje could be here, too. Our Marchien wanted to write also, but then I would have to wait a bit, and then it would delay even longer. We want to write you together soon, if itís the Lordís will. She greets you warmly.

Uncle Rem van der Borg died at the end of October at about 76 years of age. I probably already wrote you that he had been ailing for some time. Jan van der Borg rented out his farm and bought his house from Uncle Okke Pronk and now he wants to sell it. They have a lot of money from her Mother and from her Motherís Brother Jan Vegter, who also died. So we see, dear ones, that everything here is subject to change and death is the end of it all.

Now dear ones, I hope that you may receive this letter in the best of health. I hope that you will soon write us again and tell how itís going with you and how it is with your family and with the little Mettje. You must give her a kiss for us.

What do you burn in your stove? Dear ones, if it is so cold there do you have such good potatoes as they usually are here?

Now dear ones, I wish that the Lord may mutually give us good counsel and be our leader in all our ways. Having then wished for you the indispensable blessing of the Lord for body and soul, I am your loving Mother, M J Boer

You must above all be greeted by our Heichiena. She doesnít like to write much. Once again we all greet you. Excuse my poor writing. Write us again soon if you can.