Letter #25


Wildervank, February 7, 1876

To Jan Rubingh and Wife,

Dearly Beloved Brother and Sister, through the mercy of the Lord we all together find ourselves in reasonably good, and my wish is that you receive this letter in the best of health. I am at our Mother Rubingh and our sisterís house because Detmer is still out on a winter voyage to the Mediterranean Sea to Cette. He sends his greeting. He has gone there with coal tar. He left from Hull on December 1, and on December 9 I got a letter from him from Zee (at sea?). He guessed he was 200 miles from Hull and it is 530 miles to Cette. So every day I expect a letter.. We donít take on heavy freight, hoping that when he reaches his destination the Lord will bless his return journey.

I went with him the entire summer. Last spring on April 5 we wernt from Groningen to Hartepool and were three days at sea. We took on coal, then we went to Tonningen. We were at sea six days and then we had to unload the coal and then we took on a load of bricks. We made only 100 guilders and that was for three days of unloading and loading and then we didnít have to go overseas. From there we went with ballast to Memes and from there with a load of planks to Emden, and from Emden with a load of paper to Hull and from Hull with a load of salt to Nessa, and then we were at sea 29 days and experienced quite a lot of storms, and from Nessa we went with a load of Ö..to Hull. Then we had another 29 day tripand every day very stormy weather, so that for 13 days I did not get out of my berth.

On February 1 we had a letter from Detmer, stating that on January 18 he had arrived at his destination. You are explicitly greeted by him. They had a lot of bad weather and because of it a lot of damage. Dekker had never seen nor experienced Godís might as he did on this journey, and he had also experienced that onlyÖ.those who call on him from the heart, and that the Lord has not left us without witness because the Lord, as it were, gave them their life back because the fear of death had surrounded them.

Dear brother and sister, would you constantly hold us up in prayer before the triune God, that he may be with us before and behind to help us everywhere and in every situation.

I am of the opinion that this spring I will make profession of faith. I donít know other news to write. You must have the greetings from our Mother Dik and sister Jaantje. They wish you the Lordís blessing for body and soul. I am your loving sister: Marchien Dekker, nee Rubingh