Letter # 26 - This letter is unique in that it is from Jan Rubingh to Dominee R.T. Kuiper, who is still in Wildervank, though in 1879 he will move to Graafschap, Michigan. This very revealing letter just trails off in the middle of the page, so it may never have been sent.


Fremont Center, April, 1876

Dominee R. T. Kuiper,

Dear Dominee,

We are all healthy and progressing, and my wish is that you may receive this letter in good health. I often feel guilty that I have not written you a letter more often, but that does not come about, Dominee, because I have forgotten you, but rather that the press of work has not allowed it.

We have a little girl of around 5 years of age, and she is a precocious child. Although not very strong, her ability to understand is developing well. She knows the 10 commandments, the 12 articles (of the Apostles Creed - ER), the Our Father, and many Psalm verses - she can recite them from memory. She speaks fluent Dutch and English. May the Lord bless her by early on placing His image in her, and guard us that her heart is not turned aside, and then my wish will be fulfilled
As to church matters, even though we could wish for something more, we cannot deny that the Lord has not left us without blessing. You know that we joined the Separated (Afgescheiden) for two years, for which we can always rejoice, even though it was nothing else for us but that when we came into the church we would be assured that God’s Word would be purely proclaimed, which previously was not the case. Because if I go to church, then I don’t like to sit there doubting and reasoning whether or not it is the truth that is being proclaimed. Here there was a Dutch “Dutch Ref church” and it has half a Minister. That is, he preached in the morning for the Congregationals and in the afternoon for the Holland Reformed. I heard him several times, but as far as I can see he does not preach the pure truth. He is a true brother of Mister Post, and I am an old student of Dominee Kuiper of Wildervank, whose lessons have sunk in pretty deep.

We came here first as Separated (Afgescheiden); soon another family came, and on the Lord’s Day we began to meet in our house to read a sermon of Philpot Imijtegeld or vander Kemp. Then others came to join us and sometimes we are 10 or 12 together, and it steadily increases, and then we may yet experience that the lord Jesus is faithful in fulfilling His promise, where two or three are gathered, there am I in the midst of them.