Letter # 31 – This letter is from Jan Rubingh’s brother-in-law, Hendrik Joosten, married to Jan’s older sister Griet. They operate a barge and ply the canals carrying inland freight. I met their aged son in Rotterdam in 1955.


Wildervank, May 22, 1877

Dearly Loved Brother and Sister,

We are letting you know that we and our family are in reasonably good health, and we hope that you also may receive these letters in good health. We gathered this yesterday from the letter you wrote to Mother, which we read with great joy. Further, I can let you know that my wife gave birth to a little girl named Mettiena. I was not there just then, but I came home the very same day. She recovered so swiftly. She’s staying in the little room of Mother Groot.

So these are the blessings, dear Brother and Sister, which the Lord still provides to us above so many of our ilk and time. We must acknowledge these blessings with a truly thankful heart. But then I must also acknowledge with a shameful face how unthankful I am for the undeserved blessings which the Lord till now has manifested to us, even though we have forfeited even the least of them by our inherited and actual sins. May the Lord grant us grace as we begin and go forward, because by and from ourselves we are nothing else than haters and enemies of Him and his way. And may we have a good knowledge of our own way…..

Our Albert is growing well. He is now a good three years old and can talk just as well as we can. This year we have made two trips with turf for Holland, and we are in the peat again for another load. The profits are not as good as last year and still everything gets more expensive. Further, we wish you the most precious blessings of the Lord for soul and body, and that the Lord may be our leader and guide on all our ways and may it all work out for the salvation of our eternal and immortal souls in both beginning and continuing. Be greeted by us all, Your dear Brother and Sister,

H. Joosten and G. G. Rubingh

Be so good and write us back.