Letter # 33


Muskegon, April 4, 1878

To Mr. J. Rubingh, Fremont Center

Dear Friend,

By this (means) I make known to you that I have purchased the land from Melle and if you have the tax title, then you should send it in and just keep the 30 cents of Melle. I’ll give it to Melle; that is more convenient for me and time does not permit me to come before the work begins….

Now I would like to request that you would contract with me for 25 or 30 cords (of wood), as inexpensive as you can and arranged in cords…..

..and be careful that they don’t go on someone else’s land, and I will pay you for your trouble, and if you can and will do this for me, then you must write me back quickly, and concerning your land I have written about it to my brother, but he has not yet sent a reply and Melle Koster has gone with his family to Graafschap. Now I conclude with affectionate greeting from your friend,


Willem Wissink

Muskegon, Mich