Letter # 38 - This letter to Jan Rubingh is from the Muskegon CRC. Apparently he was a member there and had asked for his membership attestation, but then decided to stay there after all. Later when he moved to Graafschap, he became a member there, and his minister was Rev. R T. Kuiper, his former pastor in Wildervank! Rev. Kuiper has just arrived in America and is preaching in New York.


Muskegon, April 22, 1879

To J. Ruben and Wife,

Good health to you and yours!

This will notify you that we have received your letter and from it understood your request. We hereby inform you that our decision as consistory is that the notice of membership sent by us to you must be sent back to us. You and yours will remain members of the Muskegon congregation.

Do this soon. Send back the membership notice to me.

As consistory we send you greeting,

P. Heeres


May the Lordís blessing rest on this decision.

Apparently next Sunday Rev.Kuiper will be installed in Graafschap by Rev. Freiling. The Sunday 8 days from now Rev. De Vries will be installed by Rev. _____ in Grand Haven.

Rev. Freiling was very dangerously ill. but has recovered. May the Lord spare His ______ and his people and their descendents.

Our households are all well. Your relatives here are all well as far as we know.

Rev. Kuiper arrived well. He preached (last) Sunday afternoon in New York for Rev. Groen. Written in haste.