Letter # 42 - This last half of a letter likely dates from around 1880. It is from Janís younger sister Marchien. Her husband Detmer is at sea with his ship. Itís interesting how people are identified by who their minister is!

ÖÖtelegram from my dear Husband that they had come near the Ems(?) safe and sound, hoping that the Lord would open the way so that they might meet one another in good health. Also our dear Mother was not any worse this evening and she told me to ask you all together to pray for her. Our Hendrik and Griet are healthy and greet you. They must go to Amsterdam and we would so much like to see them here, too. Greet your (wifeís) brother for me and other acquaintances and above all Rev. Kuiper and his family. I wanted so badly to speak to Rev. Bos. He has visited our mother a couple of times. I saw him walking and I was not bold enough to accost him, but sometime Iíll make up for it.

Now dear ones, I better just stop. This is the third letter Iíve written today - one to my dear Husband and one to our Elziena and now I must close this one to you and then one tomorrow to Pekel to Rev. Deddens where Detmerís aged Mother is, and then one to Urk, where Detmerís oldest sister Jaantje lives - she has Rev. Visser.

Now dear ones, pardon my mistakes which occur in my haste. You are greeted heartily by your loving Brother and Sister,

D. P. Dekker  M. G. Rubingh