Letter # 46 - This letter is from a Jan Witte, who is likely married to the sister of Jan Rubingh’s first wife Elizabeth Kramer (but known as Jaantje). There are 3 or 4 letters from him around this time, and he seems to refer to his wife as Jana. In a later letter, after reporting Jana’s death, he calls himself “your brother”. These letters are almost illegible because Jan Witte was a horrible speller.

Grand Haven, April 19, 1881

Dear friends,

By this means we are letting you know that we live in Grand Haven. If you are on the.....then we live in the fourth house east. Three of our boys work at the mill. There are two or three schools in walking distance. ....... because this year I am not well......I have medicine but still am not better.

We have rented our land to my brother for a year. We also bought a house in Grand Haven and we live there now and if you come to Grand Haven, look us up, and if somebody wants to come and work here, I can’t tell you much because the mills are running and so people come from our old fatherland. If you want to come and work here, then you can stay with us. We don’t have a lot of room, but we help one another as best we can.

Now friends, hearty greetings from us, and we hope that you receive this letter in good health. Whatever is not clear, just write me a letter. Farewell in the Lord.

Greetings, Jan Witte and wife and children

Send me a letter back.