Letter # 52 - From this fragment of a letter we see that Jan has shipped a small trunk and some potatoes from his home near Holland (Graafschaap) to the in-laws.

Muskegon, May 27, 1882

Dear Brother-in-Law,

Through the Lord’s goodness we are all very well. Betje is very well and fat and happy as a bird. Your last letter was received just as Joh was in Grand Haven and found your trunk there in the depot and immediately paid the freight that was levied on it as it came up from Muskegon. When we received the potatoes and the trunk - that was May 11 - Joh immediately sent the trunk to Grand Haven in care of John Witte and then followed it with a postal card in care of W. So he could not have done it any better. However, Joh thinks that because of the two shillings freight charge that it just sat there and was not sent to you from Grand Haven. The freight from Holland to here was 12 cents. We had a lot of running around with the potatoes and the trunk, and we thought they were gone but it all came out all right.

Jan J and M are going away tomorrow and Mary wants to care for Betje. She will have it set so that she can’t open the gate. She is 200 (?) tall. She will be alone because Moe will also be gone the other week, and now we think that that (arrangement) is acceptable to you, but naturally you may want to inquire. It is less bother for her than for us because she has no children and Truitje and she are well matched……….