Letter # 54 - This undated fragment from Jan’s sister Grietje may be out of chronological order since it contains a reference to Rev. Henry Walkotten, a brother of Jan Rubingh’s second wife, Hendrikien Walkotten. He was a CRC minister, but at this point he apparently is Methodist, to the dismay of Grietje. As with all the other letters, this one does not use periods, paragraphs, or capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

….. has already been dead for five years. He was by nature a good man who….. He also had the means to have an education, and she can take care of herself. She doesn’t come by us much and by our ____ not at all. We invite her to weddings and funerals, but she never comes. If I meet her I ask her if it has to be this way….. I know the street, but I don’t know the house number. Otherwise she seems to be all right. It seems that she prefers to be alone. If something is just not right, she lets us know, but she is in good health. She lives quite a ways away.

It seems, dear Brother, that your Hendrik is the minister at Millbroek with the Methodist Church. That’s not Reformed, is it? Don’t take it ill of me, but how long before you write, quite long? ….. Now that I had this letter almost finished, we received your letter. That was last night and we are glad that you are all well. Will you write back soon?

It would be so pleasant if your children lived on the shore. Even so, there are always cares along with that. We would so much like to be with you. May a speedy result be granted for your land and people. The Lord is great in counsel and mighty in deed.

Once again I will close. Having wished you the Lord’s blessing for soul and body with many hearty greetings, I am your…..sister, Grietje Rubingh.

Greet all your children for us and also greetings from Mother.

Overlook the mistakes.