Letter # 58 - Jan Rubingh married Hendrikien Walkotten in 1883. She was 22 and he was 37. Their first child, George, was born in 1885, joining Betje and Mettje in their new home in Graafschap. More deaths have occurred among the relatives in Holland and there is more fussing about the estate.

Wildervank, July 6, 1886

Dearly Loved son and Daughter and Little Children,

Through the undeserved goodness of the Lord we find ourselves at the moment in reasonably good bodily condition and our heartfelt wish is that you also may receive these letters in good health. Oh dear ones, the distance from one another is sometimes so hard to bear. How my wishes reach out to you sometimes to see you all together. Also that the Lord may mutually send the grace to rest in his way, and so patiently to bring to him all our concerns for time and eternity, and continuously think of each other in our prayers that he may through his Holy spirit teach us his leading and guiding because time is sometimes short and the dying is so uncertain.I must also inform you that Uncle Bernard Rubing has passed away.

It happened about a week ago. It was the Friday before Pentecost. I would have written you earlier but this way I can give you more details. It surely must be disappointing for you. I wrote you earlier that Aunt Durkee and Eefke also died and that then there was a tidy sum from Aunt Durkie and it was then part of the total estate. I heard that it might come to around ten thousand Guilders net and then for each to try to get his own, as they say. Eefke receives from Aunt and Uncle each a thousand Guilders and _____from Auntie. You know that was double and a lot of bedding as well. After you reckon that all up, there must have been fifty thousand more. The attorney Lavallie has it all in his hands, and the Clerk is also involved, and then another person, van de Meeden, that is Eefkeís uncle. You can imagine that much is taken out, but it could be that (those fees) are not part of it.

Monday, July 4, was the estate sale of the furniture and the animals, and Tuesday the sale or rental of the house and garden until May, and the sale or rental of the land and fruit until December. There is about 7 ___ of land; the rest they already sold, but other than that, there is here and there some left over. It canít be stated exactly. In December the house and garden will be sold and then it is said that a year from next May the payout will take place. But now I heard that perhaps it would occur next May. Some folks were not content (with the long wait). The family has little to say if it all lies in such hands.

Now dear ones, Iíve told you this and that about it. Our Marchie has gone on board (the boat) and is going along for the trip. We read in the Courant that they were in Freikassel. This morning we received a letter from our Hendrik and Griet. They were in Enkhuizen. We were also expecting a letter from you. We would so much like to know how it goes with you and the children, but I suppose the work probably hinders that. Have some folks from Wildervank been there with you? How goes it there with your family? Greet them for us. Grandfather would like to know if Dominee Kuiper got his letter, but itís already a year ago.

Be greeted by our Grandmother. Above all greet Dominee Kuiper and his family for us if you come there. I would like to write her once, but itís so hard for me to write. I must write three letters today. Each one of your brothers and sisters sends greetings. They are all well. Now dear ones, may the Lord mutually be our Counselor and Guide on all our ways. If you can, write us soon how it goes with you. I hope that, the Lord willing, and if we are still living, I may write you again soon. Now that I have wished you the indispensable blessing for soul and body, I am your loving Mother, M. J. Boer

Above all you are greeted by our Heichiena.