Letter # 6 -This is a letter to Jan Rubingh’s mother, Mettje Jans Boer Rubingh, from Jan’s older sister Marchien and also one from her husband Detmer Dekker, who was a seafarer and owned a freighter. They had just docked in Hull, England, after a stormy voyage. Mother Mettje must have sent the letter on to Jan.


Hull, November 1, 1870

Dear Mother and Sisters,

Through the goodness of the Lord we are in reasonable health and our wish is that you together may participate in the same privilege. This morning we received your letter of October 19 and noted with joy your welfare and it made us very happy that you received a letter from our brother Jan and his wife, but it really pains us that she was sick. We hope that the Lord may soon restore her. We have received a letter of September 15 from Nana. We have had very bad weather and almost every day had to face the wind, so that only on Saturday evening did we arrive here.

Now dear Mother, Detmer thought it best that I should go home from here because it would be most convenient especially if we don’t get any freight destined for Holland. So I hope that the Lord may keep me in good health and that we will see each other face to face. But I’m really concerned about it, too, because I enjoy it on board. On the ocean I’m not worth much, but inside it’s so much nicer. Then we’re with each other and all cares and concerns are gone…Now dear Mother, may the Lord go with us…I have it so good on board…May the Lord attend us, dear Mother, and will you….

Hull, November 1, 1870

To the widow of G.H. Rubingh

Dear Mother and sisters, Also a little letter from me to testify to our health and situation. We were delighted to see, from your letter of 19 October, that you together are doing well. Dear ones, we enjoy such great privileges. We enjoy so many things which…do not enjoy and which the Lord has given us so graciously. We have had much bad weather, but God be praised, we lost little or nothing. Yesterday I received a letter from widow L H de Wijk stating that her dear husband at 7:30 on October 7 died unexpectedly but quietly and calmly after a serious illness of just a few days. I don’t have any details. Greet the family for us. Now dear ones, greetings and best wishes for the Lord’s indispensable blessing for both body and soul. We are your loving children, brother and sister, Detmer B. Dekker, Marchien G. Rubingh

Be so good as to write back soon.