Letter # 66 - This fragment is in terrible condition: it’s yellow, torn, and faded. It’s from Jan’s sister, Marchien, whose husband Detmer is outfitting a new ship following the shipwreck of his previous vessel.

Wildervank, July 23, 1888

Dear Brother and Sister and children,

Through the goodness of the Lord we find ourselves in reasonably good circumstances and our heartfelt wish, dear Brother and Sister, is that you together experience the same.

Hearty congratulations on your expecting of a ………. and we hope that they all together may grow and prosper from the oldest to the youngest and reflect his planting and the work of his hands … and that it may be the seed that gives him honor.

Yes, dear ones, I must confess my guilt that I have not written. Don’t take it ill of me. Both of our oldest children, Elziena and Mettiena, are housekeepers. Our oldest, Elziena, is in Haarlemmermeer and our Mettiena is in Gelderse Veenhoeven.

And now regarding our ship, on January 15 we got a ship again and that ship is well-equipped and it is ……….large,…….larger than our other ship. Now we must get it ready in about four weeks. My dear Husband has been in Emden with the ship. That isn’t far from Delftzijl. I went there with two children. I met Detmer there in fine health and went to see the ship, too. We wanted to stay ashore, but it is so full here of everything, and then to earn one’s keep here is nearly impossible…..