Letter # 68 - This is a fragment of a letter from Jan Rubinghís sister Marchien, which I think dates from around 1889. Her husband operates a freighter on the high sea, while their sister Griet and her husband operate a barge within Holland. Marchienís concern for husbandís safety is touching indeed.

...Now dear brother and sister, yesterday, the 8th of November, our Mother also received a letter from our Hendrik and Griet with their children. They were all still healthy and hope to come here this winter. If only, dear ones, we could expect you to be coming, what a joy that would be for us!

Yes, dear ones, I sit here worrying again. A week ago today I received a letter and now Iím worrying again because from that place mail comes only once a month, and then you wait a month. And Saturday night it was very stormy with a southerly wind and they had to go north. We are hoping that the Lord may be their guide and pilot, and may he, entirely and alone, be our mutual hope, just as the eyes of a handmaid are fastened solely on her mistress, and may I experience that constantly! Itís not always equally easy for me, because between husband and wife there is such a close bond, and then that anxiety comes when I think that they must simply stand firm, and so sometimes in my fears I have to say and experience that Your Word is my comfort.

Then it becomes somewhat easier. I donít get out much, but if I go to church I have the best experience, hoping that the Lord will spare us from calamities, and if we have served Godís will, that we may then appear (before him) without fright, free from worry or difficulty.

Oh, dear ones, if only I could talk with you for an hour, I would want that so much, but that way is not open. Now, dear ones, above all, receive the greetings of my dear husband and of our Mother, to all those who know us and inquire about us, and above all be greeted by our children. After affectionate greeting, I am you loving sister and brother, Marchien and Detmer