Letter # 69 - This delightful letter was one of the best preserved and easiest to translate of the entire group. Janís mother is 75 at this time, but her handwriting is better than ever! She asks about Janís daughter Mietje (or Mettje), his first child, now 18 and married. She is well, but sadly two years later Mietje will die in childbirth. Janís mother will live for many more years and pass away in 1907 at age 93.

Wildervank, September 14, 1889

Dearly loved son and Daughter,

Through the undeserved goodness of the Lord we have received your letter of August 30 in reasonably good health, and from it learned with gladness that you were all in good condition, although colds can sometimes be so very severe that one is actually ill. Dear ones, we hope that the Lord may graciously turn that away.

We received the money in the letter in good condition. Dear ones, heartfelt thanks for it. I hope that the Lord may crown it richly with his blessing. I did have a concern that your harvest this year might not have a good result.because you informed us that it had suffered a lot from all the rain, but the Lord has changed that also for the good. May the Lord grant that we acknowledge it all with a grateful heart.

The croup is making the rounds here among the children and a few have been snatched away by it and the fevers also prevail a lot in Veendam. The wife of Betus Bos died from it about 4 weeks ago. (Thatís the wife of Evert Bosí brother.) Perhaps you already heard that from him.

Weíve had a very nice and fruitful summer here. People are very busy here now digging up the potatoes. How are the potatoes there by you? Are they good to eat? How is it going with Mettje and her husband? I canít decipher his name very well, and so then I canít write her very well either. I hope to do it another time if the Lord spares our lives and grants us good health. And then you also, dear Daughter, must write us how it goes with your family. Is your mother still living, and the rest of your family?

Now dear ones, I have so much to ask you that you would be so busy that you would not even venture to write it all! I better just leave it all up to you. May the Lord support you and grant you good spirits and strength so that the work doesnít become too heavy for you. Dear ones, I suppose that you canít easily obtain hired help just as is the case here and that it will cost more to pay a dayís wages.

I better close here this time. Please overlook my mistakes. I have not recently spoken to our family because I had to write so soon. I donít know if they are still all in good health. I hope to write you again soon.

May the Lord graciously give us the disposition to be patient in adversity and grateful in success and to trust him for the future, and may he be for us mutually our counsel and guide on all our ways. Now that i have wished for you the Lordís indispensable blessing for body and soul, I am your loving Mother,

M. J. Boer

Be greeted by our Heichiena. If you can, write us back soon.