Letter # 75 - Janís motherís handwriting is firm and clear in this fragile and stained letter. Heigiena is not married and drops the -h on Rubingh.


Wildervank, August 17, 1898

Dearly loved Son and Daughter and children,

I just better finally take up my pen and write you once. My promise to write back soon has once again not been fulfilled. As far as I know, through the undeserved goodness of the Lord, we are all healthy and my heartfelt wish is that you may share in that same privilege. Dear ones, to write is often a difficult task. I cannot always make things happen according to my desire. My abilities and memories are declining. On July 17 I reached 80 years.

My thoughts turn to you every day, dear ones. When I write you then I often think, if only I could see you all once and talk with you. May the Lord allow us to place that in his hands and to rest in his ways. By nature we often do not do that.

We are having a long summer here. Itís been really warm and also quite fruitful. The Turkish potatoes are quite tasty, but many are spotty. Many of the potatoes here are ..... because many are...... You can hardly imagine how luxuriously the farmers sometimes live. How does it go there by you with the harvest? Do you have fertile land? Is there in your wifeís family more than her one brother? Sometimes I canít comprehend it all.

Dominee van Hoogen has been to see you. How did you like him? How did he seem to you? His tendency is sometimes to be rather curt. In general, people really like to listen to him, but he seldom comes to visit.

Last week we had a letter from our Griet and Hendrik. We must send you their greetings. They were in good health, but our Griet had pain in her right side the whole spring, but then it got somewhat better. They are often in holland (i.e. the province-ER) and do not often come home. That is not so nice.

Itís very warm here today, the warmest day of the summer. The corn is harvested, but not the broad beans. Do you have such garden-beans as we have here? The wheat flour is very cheap here, because a lot of wheat comes from America. From our side, many regularly go to America, including a son of Roelff Brouwer. They say that Roelff Brouwer himself would like to go, but near you and in that area there arenít many Hollanders. Do the farmers there live near you? Are your dear children all still healthy? Dominee van Hoogen said that they were all so swiftly......, but that your house was rather all by itself. He had not stayed very long with you.

Now dear ones, writing often does not go so well with me. You will have to read it twice in order to understand it. If you can, write us back soon and tell us how it goes with you. Your darling Bettje must also write a little. Now, dear ones, may the Lord be mutually our Counselor and Guide on all our ways. After having wished for you the indispensable blessing for soul and body, we are you dear Mother and sister,

M J Boer

H G Rubing

Be heartily greeted one more time.