Letter # 76 - This undated fragment was likely written after 1881 because Jan has apparently moved to Graafschap. It has a rather dim view of ministersí pay. Only a portion of each page survives, hence the break in the middle.

.....from here are living (there). Are Harm Vonk and wife still near you, and also the old people who were formerly near you? Are you near Dominee Kuiper?

You write that the Dominees there by you are so worldly-minded, but thatís no better here. That comes from such fat salaries, and in recent times there are many people here who have gotten a lot of money who sold land for a big price, and then went on buying and it did not go so well and now so many are not well off.

Now dear ones, please excuse my tardiness and mistakes and faulty writing. If the Lord spares my life and health, I hope.....

.......together each one to go in his way. May he mutually be our Counselor and Guide on all our ways. Now that I have wished for you the indispensable blessing of the Lord for soul and body, I conclude as your loving Mother M J Boer

Above all be greeted by our Heigiena. If you can, write back soon and tell a bit about the children. Once more my hearty greeting.