Letter # 77 - Several years have passed since the previous letter, and this item is not a letter. It contains the unfinished will of Jan Rubingh, dated Nov. 8, 1909. He died nine years later on June 6, 1918 at the age of 73. At this writing four of the children were under 21, and three were under 18 (Mettus, John, and Mettie). I wonder if he ever finished the will.


Nov. 8 - 1909

With this document, knowing that we are mortal and that God has determined our lifespan and the day of our death, but has concealed the time from us, therefore I have decided by means of this will, that should I pass away, our George, my oldest son, shall act as administrator. With respect to my estate, this entails:

  1. That he, together with all our children, must make provision that their mother, if she does not remarry, shall not be harassed or cheated by anyone.

  2. That he make provision, to the best of his ability, that the minor children receive what remains, inasmuch as they all are unable to provide for themselves.

  3. That no one may demand a higher payout than the proceeds of the land shall produce, and in this fashion would receive proprietary rights of ownership of whatever kind.

  4. All buying and selling of an interfering nature, such as the sale of cows and horses, all purchases of machinery that would entail debt, shall not take place without his approval.