Letter # 78 - This fragment dates from December, 1911, and is from the pen of Janís sister Marchien. No letters exist from the 1890s and the 1900s. In the interval, Janís mother, Mettje Jans Boer Rubingh, has passed away in 1907, and so has Marchienís husband, Detmer Dekker. She signs herself as the Widow D. Dekker.

.......always with old Mevrouw Liema in Groningen. During the past 14 days she spent a day with us. She was also very well.

Now dear ones, if you should perhaps receive this letter, then we surely will have entered 1912 and so we wish you, together with your loved ones, much prosperity and blessing for soul and body, and that the Lord may bless you with the choice of his blessings and may spare you from calamity, and our wish is that we together may learn of good things from you.

Grietje and Berendiena are always busy with sewing and they also always have work and they do their work with zest, and so we must say that the Lord is good, because to always have vitality and to be healthy until now, those are surely great blessings if we but take note of them.

Now, dear Brother and Sister and children, I wish you the Lordís blessing on all your ways, and receive all together there the greetings of your loving Sister and Aunt and Nieces.

Widow D. Dekker