Letter # 8 - This double letter is from Hendrik Joosten and his wife, Griet Rubingh Joosten (Janís sister). They operate a barge and are stuck in the ice.


Amsterdam, January 11, 1871

Dearly Beloved Brother and Sister J Rubingh and Wife,

We want you to know that through the goodness and patience of the Lord, we may find ourselves in a state of good health. We hope that you also may receive these letters in good condition - which we learned with joy from a letter we received from Mother, that you were rejoicing in that privilege, for good news from a distant land is like cold water on a tired soul. For, dear Brother and Sister, even though physically we are far from one another, may we present each other in prayer before the throne of grace. And now that we have again entered a new year we wish you all much well-being and blessing for soul and body, and that we may say, the old is past, see, everything has become new. May the Lord grant us mutually that grace in beginning or continuing, and could it be in line with Godís will that we may meet one another in good health on this side of the grave.

We are not home this winter. At the end of November we already had winter weather; we were in North Brabant then with sugarcane, and loaded sugar and went to Amsterdam. Now we are frozen in here again. It is very cold here every day. We donít have any details to tell you. Be so good as to write us back. Now we wish you all the precious blessing of the Lord for soul and body, and desire that the Lord may be our mutual guide and leader in all our ways, and may we walk on to the salvation of our eternal and immortal souls both in beginning and continuing. Be greeted by us, your Brother and Sister,

H. A. Joosten G.G. Rubingh


Dearly Loved Brother and Sister and child, through the undeserved goodness and longsuffering of the Lord we together find ourselves in a reasonably good state of health and hope that you will receive these letters in good health, too, which we noted with joy from a letter from our Mother, which is surely gratifying in our separation from each other, which privileges we should acknowledge with a truly thankful heart, that the Lord still mutually allows us to dwell in those privileges, which some from our time must miss, and we mutually may experience the new year

I also wish for you much prosperity and blessing for soul and body, and that the Lord may bless us with temporal and spiritual blessings all the days of our lives and that the Lord may plant his peace in our hearts and that we may learn to know Him in all our ways. Then our paths will be made straight. O dear Brother and Sister, I hope that we may yet see one another in good health. I think so often about the distancing from each other. O that we may continually bear each other up before the throne of grace. Also that the Lord may spare our lives and guard us against setbacks. How is it with our Mettje? O we wish so much to see her once. Our Albert is very verbal and he can walk very well, and begins toÖÖ.everything. May the Lord early on reign in our young sprouts. We wanted so badly to be at home, but man plans his ways, but the Lord rules the outcomes. I wish you all the dearest blessings of the Lord for soul and body that the Lord may be our Guide and Leader in al our ways and that all things may work out to His honor and for our immortal souls. You are greeted by your loving Brother and Sister G.G.Rubingh H.A. Joosten. Greetings to your Mother, Brother and Sisters. Be so good as to write us once.