Letter # 80 - Jan Rubinghís youngest son John (my dad), born in 1895, has decided to enter the ministry and father Jan provides advice.


Ellsworth, Feb. 18, 1915

Dear Son John,

We were pleased with your letter and also that you have come to a decision as to what to do: that you are not suited to be a farmer but rather something else. This has already been clear to me for a long time, but what and how was no more clear to me than to you.

Therefore I rejoice all the more because really you must know yourself which way you must go and the Lord also shows us the way we have to choose, if we humbly and earnestly ask Him. So you have decided. I hope and desire that the Lord may prosper your way and that He Himself will take you by the hand and lead you. Now I believe that it is best that shortly before the time of Classis you should come home in order to have a recommendation from the Consistory and a certification from the doctor. I do think you will have to study at the expense of the Classis but this could also prove to be a disappointment. I donít know if there are others, but the best ones are chosen; adversities are often encountered along the right way and therefore we must consciously make sure that we are on the Lordís way, otherwise we will become dejected. But the Lord leads His own by His hand through prosperity and adversity. Therefore ask Him for His guidance and then He will eventually grant you your wish. Here everything is going along fairly well. Your Mother has sprained her other hand, but it is getting better again. She is beginning to take hold of things again. Anna came again on Tuesday. Gerhard is helping Mettus cut wood today. It is nice weather here every day.

Receive our heartfelt greetings. Your loving parents, brothers and sisters. Your pa John Rubingh We just received a card from Holland that Aunt Mettie in Holland is dangerously ill. Yesterday we received a card that she gave birth to a son.

Your pa