Letter # 81 - This is the last letter I have to Jan Rubingh, and he is unwell. It comes from Rev. Henry Walkotten, pastor in Hudsonville, a brother of Hendrikien Walkotten Rubingh, Janís wife. Twice he mentions Rubing without the -h. Jan Rubingh died on June 10, 1918.


Hudsonville, December 19, 1917

Dear Brother and Sister and your family,

I finished my journey very well. I came home at 2 in the night. Our train was somewhat late, but other than that we had no trouble. I had fallen somewhat behind in my work and so after the trip I was somewhat busy. But we enjoy the great privilege that we are still well. However, these days there is a lot of unrest. The weather is now so mild, and then the change seems great. But still there falls no hair from our head without the will of the heavenly Father. From Him comes also health and sickness.

Since I was with you, our thoughts are with you a lot. It was such a joy for me to be with you, and that we had some pleasant and convivial (gezellige) days with you, and that in spite of all discouragement we could praise the Lord. That is a great privilege. The Apostle says: We rejoice also in oppression and we rejoice in the hope of Godís glory. We hope that Rubing may become somewhat better. It seemed that when I left it was then not any better. The most recent medicines seemed to work adversely. What shall we say? We want so much to find the best means and wait for the Lordís blessing, and then everything waits upon the Lord. What a comfort that all things are in his Hand, so that they cannot move or act without Godís will. If the Lord is our antidote, He can make the cross light for us. There is strength for the weary in Him. Here is the land of disappointment and adversity. But it is also merely the trip through the desert. Ahead lies the land of Canaan. The land of rest. There the Lord wants to gather his people where they will be forever with the Lord.

We hope that Rubing will be somewhat better and that the Lord may spare him and raise him up again and that his spirit may be strengthened. That his faith may be strong, looking to Godís unwavering faithfulness, Who will do what he has promised. The Lord is the portion of his people.

Now I want to conclude for this time. We wish you the Lordís blessing and hope to think of you in prayer. And even though the way is heavy, that the Lord may provide strength and encouragement and may grant a new yearís blessing.

Our mutual greetings to all of you.

H. Walkotten