Letter # 84 - This final letter brings us full circle, and was composed 65 years after the first letter to Jan Rubingh in 1870. Jan left Wildervank for Michigan in mid-1869 and died in June of 1918. This last letter is written by his widow to their youngest son, John, and to his wife Fannie, and their son, Eugene, who translated all these letters. Six months later Hendrikien Walkotten Rubingh died, and this rich legacy is left for all of us who are their progeny. These letters form a unique treasury of trust in Godís leading through the vicissitudes of life and death. They provide a lasting chronicle of one familyís faith, from Janís mother, Mietje Jans Boer Rubingh, down to her 3-year old great-grandson Eugene. Soli deo gloria.

Ellsworth, March, 1935

Dear Children and Grandson,

Through Godís goodness we are all fairly well. I am already much better and although I have much to be thankful for, I still long for warmer weather, if the Lord spares my life.

How are you faring in your new field of labor? And how is it going with you, dear daughter? Are you somewhat stronger again? You surely must have had a lot of work with moving. And how is it with the little boy? Yesterday we received a card from you, and we were so glad to hear from you. We read the news about Dakota in The Banner provided by Rev. Verduin and so we do know something about it.

Now dear ones, we hope that the Lordís blessing may surround you, also in your new work situation. Even though we are separated from each other, that is still my wish and petition. My thoughts are often with you, even though you are now somewhat closer to us.

Now dear son, it will soon be your birthday. May the Lord grant you a pleasant and blessed day and grant you many more, and lead us all by his trustworthy fatherhand, because we need this daily.

Now dear ones, you are all commended to the Lordís care. Write again soon.

Your loving Mother and Grandmother,

Mrs. J. Rubingh