Letter # 9 - Jan and Jaantje have just had their first child Mettje. Sadly, Mettje died in childbirth at the age of 20.


Wildervank, April 3, 1871

Dearly loved son and daughter,

Through the unmerited goodness of the Lord, we received your letter of February 28 in good health, and from it noted that you are all well, and we were above all also so fervently overjoyed that the Lord has blessed you with a healthy daughter and particularly with the name Mettje. Also dear ones you can imagine how my Mother heart longs to be there with you once. But dear ones when I reflect on all this I remember the Lord says, I am a God who is nearby and not far away, and also that the Lord may cause us to be quiet and submissive in the things we do not have and thankful for the things we enjoy. Also dear ones may we consider ourselves fortunate when we see needs and have emotions when the Lord says ..

Dear ones, I must let you know that our Marchien had board and room with us this winter and now has a room at Mrs. Dik. She wants me to send you greetings this time and so do Mrs. Dik and Jaantje. Dekker has not been home this winter. He has gone to the sea and the Lord willing will come to Amsterdam. You must above all have greetings from Grietje and Heigiena. They are very busy and hope that in a subsequent letter they may write something, too.

So be greeted yet a thousand times by me, your loving Mother,

Mettje Jans Boer