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Bright BeginningsBright Beginnings for young readers

A New Testament featuring the newly-released New International

Reader's Version Bible text, provides easy-to-read- and-understand copy for young readers. Bright Beginnings - My Journey with God, also features beautifully crafted computer-generated illustrations created by IBS designer, Kirk DouPonce.

Developed to provide young and new-English readers with an easy-to-understand Bible, the NIrV was four years in production. It was released in late 1996.

Beginning with the eighth grade reading level text of the New International Version, the NIrV simplifies the Bible to a third grade reading level. "The potential for this new version is immense," said Dr. Eugene Rubingh, vice president for translations, "especially in the non-western world." Rubingh managed the team of nearly 40 Bible scholars and literacy experts to create the NIrV.

Working from Greek and Hebrew sources, as well as the NIV text, translators revised the text thought-for-thought - instead of word-for-word - resulting in shorter sentences and simpler grammar for ease in comprehension.

While using simpler language and grammar, the NIrV retains the flavor and rhythmic phrasing of the NIV. In this way, readers can make a smoother transition in Bible reading when they move on to the NIV or another version, Rubingh explained.

In addition to the children's New Testament, Bright Beginnings, the NIrV text has been used with Free On The Inside, a study Bible for prisoners; and The Jesus Way, a New Testament for Native Americans.


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